A note for the explorer...

Welcome to Under the Moon. You can follow the cycle as it is laid out, or go explore on your own. Some compositions are only available with purchase (see the "Buy Now" buttons below). On the first day of the moon's transition (the day of the Full moon, the day of the Waxing Crescent...) you just may be able to catch that composition for free! 

Please note that once you complete your purchase you will receive a PASSWORD to the email you provided with PayPal. If that email address is no longer available to you please email janelleclawrence@gmail.com for the codes.

A special thank you to Rhi Collins, the Directors Assistant, Candace Rembert on Violin in the Intro and Movement I, Kelly Bran on Flute in Movement I, Donnaleah Jones on Cello in Movement I, and Candice Segarra Leon for her contributions to Movement IV and V

Thank you for coming, I hope to see you soon.

Intro- Begin
Outro - Go
Movement I-
The Aries Sun
& Scorpio Moon
Movement V-
Tales told under the moon

The Full Cycle

Movement II-
Movement IV-
Dancing under the Moon
Movement III-
In Virgo
Conversations with the womb