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Storyteller Sessions June 12, 2022 12pm - 2:30pm 

When is the first time you told a story? Was it by a campfire? Was it to get out of trouble? Did you love the craft of the spark of the idea, the through line of the thesis, and the success of the resolution? In ‘Storyteller Sessions’ Workshop we explore different approaches to storytelling for Playwrights, Film Writers, and Musical Book Writers.

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Mapping Out Your Musical June 12, 2022 3pm - 6pm 

Mapping Out Your Musical’ is a 3 hour long workshop exploring the layers of writing and composing a musical. With a focus on practical exercises, you can develop or strengthen your musical script or idea and end the workshop with a presentation. 

Throughout this 3 hour workshop you can expect a guide through creating or editing a musical, with tips and resources.

  • Topics in this course include 

  • Music and Lyric form and architecture

  • book strengthening exercises

  • Composing; from idea to performing

  • and many more. 

Participants are encouraged to sign up for this course if they have little to advanced musical playwriting, lyrics, or composing skills! 

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