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Group Therapy

A Semi-Immersive Musical

written and composed by Janelle Lawrence


Do you believe Group Therapy will be right for you? Group Therapy promotes a safe space where different types of people come together and work to reassure each other they shouldn’t feel isolated by their mental conditions and join together by sharing ideas and seeing different points of views. Dr. Marlene Kender navigates talking and listening in the space to keep in perspective one very important message, “You are not alone.” With mental illnesses being commonly diagnosed, it is still very uncommon to feel comfortable talking about it. Isolation and oppression take on different forms and Dr. Kender promotes conversations to be positive, proactive and geared towards understanding and accepting each other! This eccentric group tries takes the whole session out of her hands which could make even the strongest leaders crack. It’s hilarious, chaotic, and honest as it deals with some of the deepest problems we all share.

God Killer

An Operetta 

written and composed by Janelle Lawrence

Discover your inner goddess while solidifying your connection with the ultimate bad ass feminine energy. Follow the trail of Oshun, Kali Ma, and Blodeuwedd for the murder of ...GODS. Not just your everyday Gods, these men were top of their fields, communities, and love lives. Attila The Hun, Zeus, and Odin devise a plan in which they would remove human free will on the basis of humans having misused their ability to make choices and have mistreated each other. Who’s to say whether they are wrong or right? Hera? Oshun, the African Orisha? Blodeuwedd, the Welsh Goddess? Or Kali Ma, the Hindu Goddess?! All of this action takes place in a small town in Idaho to emphasize the feeling of belief being spread by word of mouth and gossip. Can the three women of Mixing Marx with Madness Firm free the three goddess and save their jobs?


written and composed by Janelle Lawrence


Following an unsuspected breakup, Danika and Daniella go their separate ways expecting to never see each other again. That is until Danika starts dating the brother Daniella never told her about. Dealing with her ex-girlfriend dating her brother and her family's old habits, Daniella’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to keep everyone on their toes. The truth is brought to the dinner table this Thanksgiving in ‘Tis The Season.


written and composed by Janelle Lawrence


Three African American female students receive subliminal racism while attend a Conservatory in NYC. The girls have to decide the difference between when someone is "keeping it real" and when someone is mistreating you. With the help of their Texan friend the girls learn to rise above all doubt and believe in the power of unity through peace!

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