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Live and in Color's 24 Hour Play and Song Festival

'Motherly Lovely'

Quick Quarantined Play Festival (Round 6) by Vintage Soul Productions

'Sitting on a Fire Escape' - performed by Sage Gunning

'Trees' - performed by Arrianna Daniels

'Acting' - performed by Tony Solis

available via newplayexchange

 in transit - a visual poem with a guided journal .

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The Harmony of You and Me

is a Black and Asian bridging project by Janelle Lawrence and Sugar Vendil. It seeks to address racial tensions and foster mutual understanding, empathy, and healing through active listening and storytelling.


Sugar Vendil is a composer, pianist, choreographer, and interdisciplinary artist based in Lenapehoking, known as Brooklyn. She started her artistic life as a classical pianist, and after spending nearly a decade searching for her own voice, her practice evolved into performances that integrate sound, movement, and unconventional approaches to the piano. She writes and performs her own solo music for piano and electronics and has a keyboard/synth duo, Vanity Project, with composer Trevor Gureckis. Vendil is a proud second generation Filipinx American. 

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Janelle Lawrence performed in Piper Theatre Productions of Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Executive Producer: Kim Maier
Artistic Director: John P. McEneny
Stage Director: John P. McEneny
Music Director: Mark A. Galinovsky
Choreographer: Valerie Wright
Lighting Designer: Cody Grey
Costume Designer: Madeline Wall

The Summer Fresh Festival was produced by Janelle Lawrence and presented new works that present equality friendly themes, and shine light on current and age old issues such as mental illness, co-dependency, race, and love. These shows will keep you on your toes and aware of how your community is feeling and interpreting the world! 'TIS THE SEASON, a musical by Janelle Lawrence will be presented in the festival. For more information click here

Stories, Songs, Outfits 

With Chris Wells

AEA Showcase
Music by Jeremy Bass*, lyrics by Chris Wells
Directed by Eliza Laytner
Stage Manager Brian R. Sekinger*
Lights by Rob Lariviere
Choreography by Elliot Peterson

NY Times Review

A memory is simply a moment that we have entered into, unbeknownst to us, that would never be forgotten. We accumulate grand and trivial memories throughout our life and on November 26th Janelle Lawrence is going to take you on a journey of the moments that have become our memories. Songs ranging from "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" by Johnny Mercer, "Cry Me a River" by Arthur Hamilton, "Someone Woke Up" by Richard Rogers, and "Losing My Mind" by Stephen Sondheim guide you through moments of first love, new sights, painful relationships, and new discoveries. Join Janelle Lawrence at The Metropolitan room from 4:00pm-5:00pm on November 26th

Purchase Digital Copy Here

The Extraordinary Fall of the Four-Legged Woman by Lily Ali-Oshatz and Mark Galinovsky

Soho Playhouse

15 Vandam Street

New York, New York 10013

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